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Commonly asked questions

How do I pray ?

Go to the prayer request page and fill out the form. In the "prayer request box" type in your request and/or "teach me how to pray" for a detailed response on how to talk to God. DONT FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL FOR THE REPLY. 


Can we make a song together ?

If you are a musician with songs on major platforms, contact BELOV3D at with the subject that reads " MUSICAL INTERESTS. " Include details of who you are with links to your art. Belov3d will also allow fans to submit musical pieces that will be evaluated by judges for a chance to win an opportunity to be featured on one of BELOV3D'S songs AND/OR music videos. (ANNOUNCEMENTS WILL BE MADE)

BELOV3D services, music & performances


How can I listen to belov3d's songs?

Simply find the links on the homepage to all the major music platforms and click on your go to source for music. Or you can listen Belov3d's music by clicking this MUSIC tab.

I want BELOV3D to come out to my school, church or event. what must I do?

You can contact Belov3d via email at with the subject that reads "Attention Belov3d" and in the email include details to the event or gathering you would like to invite Belov3d to. EVENT OR SERVICE ATTENDANCE MUST NOT BE LESS THAN 25 & MUST BOOK ATLEAST TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE.

How much is the fee for BELOV3D to come out to gatherings or events?

There is no fee to book Belov3d in Orlando, Fl. For anything outside of Orlando compensation for traveling expenses would be greatly appreciated. Donations are gladly accepted. All of Belov3ds performances, music distribution, etc. is out of pocket on his behalf by the grace of God.

Does BELOV3D travel outside the United States?

As of this moment BELOV3D is ONLY doing performances, shows, and conferences in all 50 states including the United States capital, Washington D.C. (until further notice)

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